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The Lakes Experience

8.30 AM Briefing at the information center 9.30 AM Boeri Lake Tour (2hours) As you leave the facility further up North is the Boeri Lake. It is located in the crater of an old volcano in which Morne Macaque (also known locally known as Morne Micotrin) was formed, separating Boeri from Freshwater Lake. The lake sits at an elevation of 850 metres and covers some four acres.  The Boeri Lake is almost circular in shape and may be at least 36 metres deep.   Fed by rainfall and runoff, the water level varies with the seasons.  The level normally reaches its highest between October and December, when water may be seen leaving the lake via the outlet.   The walk up the ridge to Boeri Lake offers some superb panoramic views of Dominica’s landscape. This is the most picturesque lake of Dominica. 11.30 AM Freshwater Lake Tour (1 hour) Walking around the lake or kayaking on the lake will give you the opportunity to discover the rainforest of Dominica and interact with the wildlife. The Fresh Water Lake is located in the valley between Morne Nicotrin and Morne Nicholls. The surface is approximately 4ha and is at elevation of 762metres above sea level. This area receives some of the highest rainfall, almost 900cm per year, making it be one of the wettest places in the Caribbean. 1.00 PM Lunch (at the Freshwater Lake facility). 2.30 PM Titou Gorge Tour (45mn) The trip to Titou Gorge, (Little Throat) is actually a swim from the base of a waterfall through a series of natural "rooms and ponds" formed by high cliff walls canopied by interlaced trees.  The undulating sides of this deep, narrow gorge indicate that it was not cut by a river. As the molten lava was cooling, it split and pulled apart, similar to the way a drying mud puddle split and cracks. 4.30 PM End of tour Note: Day tour package includes the meal (1 lunch) and tours. Package is valid for minimum of two (2) persons. Total Cost: US$56 per person

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