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Freshwater Lake & the Laudat Area

The village of Laudat sits at approximately 2500 ft.  above sea level (610 m) along the foothills of Morne Micotrin, which is on the edge of the Morne Trois Piton National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Laudat is one of the smaller communities in the Roseau Valley with a population of just under 300. The village was named after a Frenchman by the name of Pascal Laudat who came to Dominica in the early 1700's and established a massive coffee and citrus plantation which was formally known as Meudon Estate. The conditions in and around the Laudat area are very favorable for the cultivation of coffee because of its high elevation.

The village of Laudat is blessed to be the site of five of the most magnificent natural wonders on the island. These include Freshwater Lake, Boeri Lake, the Boiling Lake, Middleham Falls and Ti Tou Gorge. The prestigious Rain Forest Ariel Tram also operates in this area. Laudat is widely known by the islanders who reside on the eastern coast of Dominica as the main access for people to get to Roseau to sell their craft and agricultural produce. This trail, which starts at the village of Grand Fond and snakes up to the Freshwater Lake then continues down to Laudat and Roseau was known as “Chemin Letang” meaning Lake Road. Today, the Freshwater Adventure Group operates the Freshwater Lake facility, offering kayaking and hiking on and around this beautiful body of water.  Local cuisine and beverages are available.

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